AI Won’t Replace Writers, But Writers Need Your Help

Readers need to be more discerning about their content creators than ever.

Julie X
7 min readSep 6, 2023
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As if I wasn’t depressed enough, an old friend told me that if I were to pick a skill to learn, it shouldn’t be writing because AI is getting really good at it. Will AI replace writers? He believes so.

Yes, AI is getting really good at writing. I know that because I’m one of the raters evaluating AI responses every day. They’re capable of some really good stuff! They have the roaring power of the search engines behind them and can process large quantities of information in ways our organic brains can only dream about.

Certainly, AI will impact writers, but I know for a fact AI won’t replace writers. There’s something I know that my friend doesn’t.

To be clear, I’m not commenting on the technology and I’m not tech-savvy at all. This is my opinion about AI’s impact on writers.

AI is smart and useful, no doubt

With AI getting smarter than ever, the creative world is changing for sure. Even before my friend’s reminder, I too wondered if there was still value in pursuing the craft of writing when a Large Language Model (LLM) can just generate decently written content in seconds.



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